That’s a wrap!

That’s a wrap!

Friday, October 11, 2013

​The final shoot has officially wrapped and the road tour for season one of “Good Company” is complete. After almost seven weeks, 12,500 miles and visiting 10 companies around the U.S., the 11th and final shoot landed the crew and Darth in Finleyville, Pa. This particular borough of Pennsylvania is known as the home to a large number of businesses, but one in particular caught MultiView’s eye for some very good reasons. 

Lilliput Play Homes is the premier designer of luxurious and distinctive children’s playhouses, as well as an industry leader in quality craftsmanship. With a mission to create a lifetime of memories, it’s no surprise that they take what they do very seriously. 

From mini replicas of mansions to rocket ships, all of the products of Lilliput Play Homes are carefully constructed by their team of master craftsmen who are dedicated to creating unique playhouses using today’s technology combined with yesterday’s attention to detail. Unlike the mass produced playhouses by larger brands, every product that comes out of the Lilliput Play Homes factory is hand-crafted and manufactured with the utmost care.  

The idea behind Lilliput Play Homes, which was founded in 1989, stemmed from a project that founder Steve Chernicky took on when he set out to build a playhouse that was as special to his daughter as she is to him. After creating the first Victorian Mansion Playhouse for her, it didn’t take long for people to start noticing his work. Initially, Chernicky was just fulfilling orders for neighbors and friends, and eventually it turned into a popular and successful business that caters to the rich and famous all around the world. 

Not only to do the specialty contractors of Lilliput Play Homes construct high-end custom playhouses that can be outfitted with fancy amenities including wood floors, electricity and plumbing; they also feature a unique line of children’s play furniture to further enhance the houses. Never ones to take away any sort of fun away from their customers, they also offer a DIY option with children’s playhouse kits that come fully equipped with building plans and child-sized building parts.

“This business has become so successful because of their absolute attention to detail and quality craftsmanship,” said director Daniel Maitland. “They don’t water down the product just because it’s something that children will be using.” 

MultiView and would like to thank Stephen Chernicky and the team at Lilliput Play Homes for opening the doors their business and telling their story for the “Good Company” cameras. Don’t forget to follow along with the Good Company crew at as they continue their road trip around the country as they dive further into the world of unique American businesses.

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