MultiView's road trip across the landscape of American business

Documenting the American business model, uniquely built for success.

MultiView's "Good Company" is an insightful look into the business lives of America's most unique entrepreneurs, featuring the world’s leading mechanical bull manufacturer, a company that makes diapers for birds and everything in between.

Launching January 2014, Season 1 of 'Good Company' will take you on a road trip across America in MultiView's state-of-the-art mobile media studio to meet a few of their clients. From concrete jungles to cow pastures, this Web documentary series will give you a first-hand look into some of the most unique businesses America has to offer. Above all, this series will celebrate the spirit that inspires entrepreneurs to bring an idea to market. Through and social media, stay tuned for more preview trailers of our 11 episodes, as well as updates on media coverage.